#457130 and lightweight .45 rifle bullets

In 1999 the Lyman catalog had an unusual notice about a new addition to their lineup of bullets:

According to the catalog, Lyman had ‘discovered’ the cherry for the old #457130 collarbutton bullet and were offering a limited quantity of these moulds, along with a matching top punch marked ’130′, for seventy bucks each. Whether this is actually what happened or if this was a trial balloon to test the market for ‘limited run’ bullet moulds is debatable, however within only a few years Lyman would be offering ‘distributor exclusives’ of some of the older designs through selected vendors. The story, as I heard it, was that a vendor could have one of the old moulds made up, and be the exclusive source for that mould, if they paid the toolup charges and ordered enough moulds.

1999 Reintroduction of the #457130

The #457130 collarbutton was designed to be a more accurate bullet for use in applications where the old round ball was used. Many militias and National Guard units would use low velocity round ball loads in their rifles for short-range practice and training. A round ball, however, has very little of it’s surface actually contact the rifling and accuracy can be wanting. The collarbutton duplicated the weight of the round ball but carried plenty of bullet lube and, more importantly, had more of it’s length contacting the rifling of the bore.

#457130 150~ gr. collarbutton for .45-70

The original collarbutton was first offered in the late 1890′s, as evidenced by the low cherry number of 130. It was last offered around 1978 when it was bumped to the ‘Special’/'C’ list. Current production bullets that required no wait and could be had with custom features were on the ‘A’ list, older designs with fewer options and a slight wait were on the ‘B’ list, the ‘C’ list were the least popular and discontinued designs and could be had with the caveat that it might be a little while before you got your mould. After it’s departure from the Lyman catalog in the seventies it remained out of the catalog until it’s one appearance in 1999. Note that Lyman’s hype said that there would only be 100 made for that year, implying that there may have been more made, but not cataloged, the following year. Whether only 100 were actually made and no more is unknown.

The #130 has been exclusive to the #457130 bullet and the number was never reissued.

In addition to the #457130  there were a few other much-lighter-than-normal ‘gallery’ bullets for the .45-70. All of them have been discontinued for many years.

#457326 – Not quite a collarbutton, but similar to the #457130

Ideal #457326 was a ‘button nose’ type bullet that shared some of the overall design features of the #457130 collarbutton. It had one grease groove, although not nearly as capacious as the #457130, and two bands to contact the bore. Like the #457130 it was in the same approximate weight range as the round ball – 150 gr. Cherry #326 would suggest that it first came out around the end of the first decade of 1900. Moulds in this style do turn up from time to time in the normal used mould venues, and command prices commensurate to their relative scarcity.

ideal/Lyman #457401

Lyman #457401 disappeared from the catalogs in 1975 when it was last seen on the Special/C list. Heavier than the #457130 and #457326, it featured a more traditional lube grove and a mildly pointed nose very reminiscent of the early Himmelwright wadcutter. There is no mention of it’s intended usage but it is possible that it was meant for the .45 caliber pistol rather than rifle. It would be the right diameter and shape for the old British pistol cartridges that were serviced by the #457195 and #457196.

The 1999 version of the #457130 was shipped with a sheet of paper listing suggested loading data from Lyman. Older data from the original handbooks would probably have worked just fine but many of those powders had been long discontinued or reformulated. The information that Lyman sent with each mould is presented below:

Primer Powder Charge FPS
Rem 9 1/2 Bullseye 12.0 (Start.) 1590
Rem 9 1/2 Bullseye 16.0 (Max.) 1921
Rem 9 1/2 Red Dot 12.0 (Start.) 1582
Rem 9 1/2 Red Dot 14.7 (Max.) 1814
Rem 9 1/2 700X 12.0 (Start.) 1627
Rem 9 1/2 700X 16.0 (Max.) 1911
Rem 9 1/2 Unique 14.5 (Start.) 1638
Rem 9 1/2 Unique 17.0 (Max.) 1907
Rem 9 1/2 SR 4759 30.0 (Start.) 1541
Rem 9 1/2 SR 4759 33.0 (Max.) 2032
Rem 9 1/2 XMP 5744 30.0 (Start.) 1685
Rem 9 1/2 XMP 5744 35.0 (Max.) 2001
Rem 9 1/2 IMR 4227 21.0 (Start.) 1245
Rem 9 1/2 IMR 4227 27.0 (Max.) 1641
Rem 9 1/2 IMR 4198 35.0 (Start.) 1722
Rem 9 1/2 IMR 4198 40.0 (Max.) 2010

Single-cavity Ideal #457326

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